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Improving the heating & cooling of Saskatoon homes through professional insulation contracting services.

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Attic Upgrades

We recommend upgrading the amount of insulation in the attic to maximize the energy efficiency of your home and reduce heating and cooling costs at the same time, saving you money. We recommend upgrading your attic to R50. Our contractors ensure a mess free environment in your home. We also weather-strip the attic access and insulate the hatch.

*The R-Value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. The higher the R-Value the greater the insulating power such as R20 compared to R50.

Batt Insulation & Poly/Vapour Barrier

Our professional contractors will install quality products into new or existing buildings, including basements and garages. Proper installation of insulation products by our installers will improve the effectiveness of the R-Value. Incorrect installation will reduce the R-Value, increasing heating/cooling costs. This will end up costing you more money in the long-term.

We also offer sound proofing insulation—installed in ceilings and walls, this special, sound proof insulation is designed to absorb the sound that would normally travel through the air, walls and floors. Sound proofing insulation is great if you have a basement suite, small children, live near busy street or airport or just like to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Mention sound proofing when you call to book an insulation consultation.

Blow-in Attic Insulation

New construction or upgrades to existing attic insulation, the contractors install formaldehyde free, fire retardant, non toxic and non itchy products. Healthy and safe insulation products are used, it’s formaldehyde free and it’s made with 50% post consumer recycled glass.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane foam, sprayed on walls, joist ends and ceilings, is a continuous insulation that provides great a R-value with a built-in barrier against moisture. We specialize in joist end and cantilevers, but also provide a whole house spray foam package. Spray foam offers a superior barrier to heat, cold and moisture, by expanding in cracks and small spaces that traditional batt insulation is unable to reach.

Heating & Cooling Ventilation Products

We also install ventilation products such as Lomanco Turbines and vents, which have a lifetime warranty, to maximize the air flow in the attic. “Good air in and bad air out”—that’s the way proper ventilation works. That’s also the only way to get rid of heat and moisture!

Protect your investment and ventilate, if heat and moisture aren’t removed from your home by proper ventilation, serious damage can occur plus higher utility bills. Trapped heat causes your air conditioning system to work overtime. Intake ventilators let fresh air in and exhaust ventilators let heat and moisture out.

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